Wendy did clearing for our main home, ohana, 16 acres and all our vehicles along with the nanny trailer on another property.  She was referred to us by a dear friend.  Being unfamiliar to the process on a personal level I was hesitant to try this. Originally it was for the acreage and the concerning things with our vehicles. She just knew what to do, made us feel comfortable and took 4 days to complete everything. We now have Wendy come every 6 weeks to help with our business on Big Island. She signed an NDA as our family name is a staple.  She never disclosed our identity and we fully trust her.  Happy to have this woman in our life.  Also to note, she is very professional and just did the work which we appreciated. 

C Family

My mother hired Ms. Wendy when I was wanting to leave Maui for the Mainland.  I just finished College and was having vivid dreams and feeling like I needed to leave. She did a thing called Reiki on me and I stopped having migraines.  Not at first tho.  I remember feeling different the next day.  Eventually I was able to feel a lighter energy.  It was around 3 months with her.  She came to our house every day to help me.  I am now in Oregon but would give anything. to see Ms. Wendy again here where I live.  She changed my life but by letting me be me which i needed.  


We met Wendy at an event on Kauai.  It was my Birthday and my whole family took me but I did not want to go.  Who could help this old man, but my kids and wife said go. My wife is writing this for me but I was the one who met Wendy.  After talking she came to our home and worked with all of us, we are a mess but here I needed someone real, which I asked before I met her.  She does not look Hawaiian but I felt she was and is.  Not sure how.  She knows what she did and we will forever be grateful.  If you have a chance to meet her, take it.
In our hearts forever
Kauai family

Aloha!  I got to work with this fireball Healer on Oahu!  I had just got engaged and was told you better figure out your lessons before our wedding.  She taught me to meditate, helped me understand my “dreams’,  taught me about crystals and how to be a better man with. my spirituality.  So stoked I met her and haven’t found anyone like her. Keep vibin Wendy!

Aloha.  I met Wendy originally for Reiki. I did not know anything about this type of “healing” and was rude to her.  This was a gift from my sister in Maui,  I ended up working with Wendy for 6 months. I needed clear direction and someone legit as I was questioning every single thing she did. But slowly I noticed changes. Energy is real.  She once told me the people she sees are supposed to meet her.  I believe this.


My experience did not start out well.  I was in horrible sadness and had been to lots of people.  Having bad dreams, weird stuff happening did not want to get help. Turns out I needed it i think.  I had to wait 4 months to meet Wendy and get going.  She did what called a dark shadow work or something. My childhood stuff. This helped me and now I can message her when I need help.  Mahalo for being a light to us.


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